Headache Racks will provide your truck with advanced cargo hauling capability as well as durable protection for your cab. There are a wide range of styles available, from open racks to louvered racks, and a wide range of accessories that they can be coupled with to improve functionality. The uprights, crossbar, and various styles of louvers and central components offer a great number of anchor points for you to hook bungee cords or ratchet straps to. With this, you can more securely strap cargo against the back of your cab. It also allows you to fill your bed with even more cargo of a wider variety, like tall furniture.

The second function of a Headache Rack is cab protection. They provide a barrier between your bed and your cab, so any shifting cargo can’t scratch the paint or damage your rear window. It also creates a place to rest long cargo, like ladders and lumber, without it directly contacting the cab. Therefore, the racks can actually function as a small truck rack as well.

These accessories are very popular with fleet trucks and work trucks, but they work great for personal use as well. With a wide range of available add-ons including tool holders and work lights, these racks can be adapted to suit nearly any use.