Fender Flares are a great addition to any vehicle, especially if you spend a lot of time on gravel or secondary highways and roads. Once installed, they provide a barrier between the body of your fenders and the open road. Rocks that get kicked up by your vehicle's tires can dent or chip your paint if they make contact, but fender flares are built tough to deflect the road debris and protect your vehicle.

On top of protection, flares also allow you to customise your vehicle to get away from the factory look. We offer a wide range of styles, from extra wide to street slim so that you can get a flare that will suit your vehicle. Whether you've got a big, offroad truck, or a city SUV, you'll find a style of flare that suits your vehicle and your tastes. So before you go anywhere else, check out our selection of high quality, stylish Fender Flares.