At Tonno Cover Depot we offer an array of Exterior Accessories so you can upgrade your vehicle. If you spend a lot of time off-road or on gravel, protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential. We carry a variety of products to help protect your truck’s body. Best of all, they add to the overall style and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Fender flares and mud flaps help keep rocks and road debris from chipping your paint. Running boards offer an easy step into your truck while also protecting your undercarriage from potential high centering damage. Vent Visors, Grille Guards, and Bull Bars protect your truck’s hood from impact damage and keeps insect splatter off your paint.

We pride ourselves in our work and our products, and as a result we can offer you great products at better prices. Before you look anywhere else, delve into Tonno Cover Depot’s products and see for yourself.